Useful Tools

If you are going to install your own telephone system, you might need a few tools. Now most people are going to go “duh” with most of these recommendations, but after 20 years in the telecommunications business and an other 10 years dealing with the consumer public, logic and the obvious are not always in high supply.

A set of Screw Drivers. You will often need numerous different screwdrivers not only Slotted/Regular and Phillips, but also different sizes and different lengths. It is better (in general) to buy a more complete kit from a hardware or home repair store then the ‘basic homeowners tool kit’ people have habit to buy. It is also better to spend a few more dollars and get a quality set that will last.

You may also need a drill and assorted drill bits. If you are wall mounting any of your units, you will want to anchor the unit securely with proper wall anchors. If the system includes a Key System Unit (KSU) or a control unit, it most likely will need to be wall mounted. (It is actually recommended that anytime you mount anything other then a phone, that you obtain and mount a small piece of plywood to the wall and mount your equipment to the board. See definitions for wall board)

You will likely have cables/wires going from your telephone system to the individual telephone locations. You will not want these just snaking along the phone where they can be walked on and tripped over. Professional phone installers use special stabling guns to attach the wires along the baseboards. These wiring staplers use narrow curved staples that will grip the wire without crushing it. If you look carefully at these specialty staplers, they have little prongs that prevent them from being pushed hard to the wires and thus resulting in damaging the wires. DO NOT attempt to use a standard desk stapler as they will not have the ability to properly and safely hold the wires.

Depending on what your are doing, you may also need other tools but it would be impossible to list all the different things you might need. And then also, if you need too many tools, you might be taking on a job larger then you should. It may be then that you will want to call a professional installer to at least handle the initial installation.