Things to think about first

Things to think about before purchasing a office phone system.

Many companies have purchased telephone equipment that was just right for the company today only to find out that as their company grew their phone system could not. Estimating your future growth today may not cause you problems in your telephone system later. These are questions you need to consider when purchasing a telephone system.

  • What is the maximum number of phones that I can have on my business phone system?
  • What is the maximum number of phone lines (CO lines) for my phone system?
  • Can I add phone equipment to increase the number of phones or phone lines?
  • Can I add features to my phone system such as voice mail?

“Well I need 4 phones so I must need 4 lines, right?”

NO! Picking phone lines really depends on the number of calls you receive in a day, how many phones lines will be used at the same time. If you were running a sales office and you had 4 phones lines with 4 sales people and they were all on there phones, new callers would get a busy signal. You would more likely need 6 to 8 phone lines. A fax lines can be shared with the credit card terminal,shipping terminal or anything else, But not at the same time. However, if you had a warehouse and 10 employees but only the warehouse manager and a couple of front office people would ever use the phone – you would not need 10 phone lines and 10 phones because most of the employees are not using the phone – they are loading and unloading trucks.

Another important consideration – always – is the growth of your business. If you spend $100s of dollars in a basic 4 line phone system and the next year you expand (even slightly) and need extra capacity, be it either phones lines or phone locations/users, you may have to completely replace your entire investment. However, you also don’t want to invest $1,000s or even $10,000s of dollars on a large complex system that has expensive annual maintenance requirements if all you need if 4 phone lines and 4 phone stations for a small tax & accounting office – something you might be able to do for a few hundred.