All In One Basic Telephone Systems

Many companies now offer numerous 1, 2 and 4 line basic telephone systems that even include features such as voice mail and call waiting. These systems are simple to set up as normally there is only one station that has to be wired and set up is no more complex then plugging in the unit to the phone line jacks (provided by the local telephone company) and a power cord. The extension stations are normally wireless and allow the those units to operate almost anywhere – with respect for the given range of wireless unit – typically 10 to 100 feet from the base.

When considering one of these units for your small business, consider not only today’s needs but your planned future grown. Many of these systems are only 2 lines and while 4 line units are available, the costs jump up substantially. And regardless of 1, 2, or 4 lines – these are not expandable to 5, 6 or more. Even nearly all 2 line units are 2 lines only. So if you install a 2 line unit in your business and then hire a third employee that also needs a phone – you will have to completely replace your entire investment.

These systems also generally only include one normal desktop telephone and the rest are handheld wireless units. Thus, consider how the phones will be used. If you have an insurance or real estate office – it may not be practical for your employees to use these handheld units over good old fashion desk top phones with built in speakerphones.

But then again, if you have a couple of employees that are always on the move – a printing company or small warehouse, the wireless handheld units may actually be a blessing – provided that the work area is small enough to keep the units in range and also that it is not so noisy as to make a conversation impossible.

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